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Before you proceed, there are a few requirements:

First: You will need to download & install Microsoft Agent Core Components 395k Genie Character 1.6mb (Genie.acs) Speech Engine 1mb
Then you need to have your monitors resolution set for 1024x768
The reason for this is: Genie's tour of my site is a interactive play of sort & interacts with objects
So the coordinates need to be correct
Most video cards support switch on the fly if yours does not,
I have provided this freeware utility, it sits in your sys tray and allows to to change resolution without rebooting
Quickres.. Just click to download, place it in your windows dir and shortcut to your startup file

I meet your requirements and wish to ENTER

I going in without Agent Enter

Not a chance, I'm out'a HERE

Items I have for sale
Classic Dodge Truck
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